Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free-Standing Ranges Vs. Slide-In Ranges

Q: Should I purchase a free-standing range or a drop-in (or slide-in) range? What’s the difference?

A: A free-standing range is best when you are not changing your countertop. A free-standing range will simply stand between your existing countertops. However, you will have a small gap between your range and your countertop.

A drop-in or slide-in range has a lip on the left and right side of the cooktop that extends past the range itself, allowing the range to sit on top of your countertop. This eliminates the gap between the range and countertop and thus prevents spills from dripping down the side of the range that cannot be reached for cleaning. However, using a slide-in range with an existing countertop will create a problem.

Because the range literally “slides in”, the front of the countertop will prevent the range from touching the back wall. This will create a 3” to 4” gap behind the range. With new countertops, this problem is easily resolved by telling your countertop installer to fabricate a “strip” that will cover this gap. If you have an existing countertop, this will be a much more difficult problem to resolve.

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